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Re: Re: Re: Re: Lack of BHT

Posted by: Bob (rvgjeg@verizon.net) on Mon Jan 7 21:05:53 2008

Hi coaches

Just my opinion but if you are late to the ball you might think about
using your top hand a little more.I know most coaches cringe when you
mention top hand.Give it a try by putting your hitter on his back knee and have them use only their top hand in a soft toss drill.It
sounds like your hitter is trying to inside out every pitch.That is
a great two strike approach,but when i get my pitch early in the count
i want to get my hips open and get my front shoulder back as my front knee firms up.That will have the bat head pointing at the second
baseman at contact for aright hand hitter.I had a little left hand
hitter in high school,who hit 460 and he hit middle left he was in the
top 15 in orange county he led the team in all categories except home
runs he didn't hit any.He was 135 pounds maybe.
good luck coaches


get my bat head pointing at the second baseman at contact.For a right hand hitter.If your going to open up your front foot you will need to move your back foot closer to the plate.But
know your hitter find out what their capable of.
have them use only their top hand in soft toss


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