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Re: Re: Re: Swing Flaws

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Jan 9 11:19:52 2008

>>> Would you say,that pulling down slightly with the top hand would help
maintain the v in the back arm?It sounds like the old term of dropping
the bat head.Is that also dragging the bat head?And thereby causing the bat head to come up and over as the hands try to make up for the poor initiation of the swing?Your thoughts.Those swing clips are good to show your point. <<<

Hi Bob

I am having trouble envisioning what your post is trying to describe. Believe me, I understand how difficult it is to describe complex mechanics with the written word. I have tried to explain THT with words for the past 15 years with limited success. Hopefully, demonstrating it with video will help clear up some of the confusion.

Jack Mankin


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