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Jack - need some clarification

Posted by: John (joneal@hereintown.net) on Thu Jan 10 15:44:28 2008


I was an assitant baseball coach in a small town where baseball was king. Baseball was taught the way it is suppose to be taught. I've recently moved back to my home town where the fundamentals of baseball are lacking. Good hitters are the good athletes but there is no proper teaching of the fundaments to make the good hitters great and the average hitters good. I've went back and have read many of the previous post over the past few years and still have a problem with hand placement. I have copied and pasted a post you gave last year. My question is, do you have any clips or videos showing the hands in a "normal launch position". I would love to have some clips/videos so the players can see what I want them to do.

Frames A through E describe the pre-launch mechanics used by hitters like those Steve mentions in his post (Soriano, Bonds, Ortiz, Sheffield, et. al.). I would suggest you first understand how THT is applied from the normal launch position before cocking the bat toward the pitcher and attempting more advanced mechanics.

Andy I understand the concept of pulling the top-hand rearward instead of driving it forward goes against what we were taught and even what feels natural. It appears my written description did not help much. Maybe this video clip - http://www.batspeed.com/media/THTHigh.wmv of me demonstrating THT will help you comprehend it better.

Jack Mankin

I plan on showing the hitting clips to my team. I'm sure seeing professional players hitting clips will give them confidence to try something that may be new to them. I would apprreciate if you could add any clips you may find beneficial (or email them to me).

All your help is truly appreciated. God Bless!!


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