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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Swing Flaws

Posted by: Jimmy () on Sat Jan 12 21:26:44 2008

> Jimmy,
> What level of play did you make it to? How many hitters have you help develop? Would you consider what Arod is describing to be a inside out swing? What is an inside out swing? Do you believe that Arod swings this way as a primary approach? I believe this swing can work but isn't very effeciate. I don't know if Arod would agree or disagree after sitting down with Jack or Myself discussing whether this approach could harm ones swing. I would say Arod might see things slightly different.
> EL,


I have played with and against the best in the world.

I have helped in the development of hundreds of hitters including Major League hitters.

A-Rod is not describing an inside out swing.

An inside out swing is a swing that the barrel is purposely dragged so much that an inside pitch can be hit to the opposite field.

A-Rod does not use an inside out approach as a primary approach.

I think A-Rod would probably keep putting up MVP numbers using the approach that works best for him.

I don't think he would say anything in an interview about his approach that he doesn't believe helps him succeed. He truly uses the approach he discussed to produce the MVP swing that we see him apply to the ball in games.

And I'm sorry but I don't think that if he sat down with you and Jack he would change his approach.



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