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Re: Re: Incorrect Swing Plane

Posted by: THG () on Wed Jan 16 18:09:50 2008

> >>> Jack. Can you allude to what you believe causes an incorrect swing plane?
> I happened to notice that often when a hitter fouls the ball straight back he is actually slightly late on the pitch (as opposed to being right on it but swinging under the ball.) That hitter in my opinion is doing everything correct, but is picking up the ball just late enough as to allow him not to make forward contact.
> This is in sharp contrast to the hitter who when late attempts to collapse (short cut in some way) his swing in an effort to throw the bat head to the ball mid way through the swing in an effort to hit the ball out in front.
> Thus I feel that atleast some incorrect swing planes are caused by timing errors. And often the result is the hitter being late on the fastball but early on the breaking ball. This results in a confused hitter who cannot seem to hit even fat pitches over the heart of the plate.
> And it is not uncommon for a physical error to develop into a mental error which exacerbates the problem. <<<
> ##
> Hi THG
> You ask, “Jack. Can you allude to what you believe causes an incorrect swing plane? -- I think I addressed your question in my reply to Mike below. I also pointed out in that post that I did not consider flaws in the swing plane to be the major problem with most average hitters. Their not making consistent solid contact is more due to inefficient transfer mechanics that does not keep the angular acceleration of their bat in sync with their body rotation.
> When viewing a batter’s swing, I have no way of knowing what he is thinking or how well he sees the ball. However, in many cases, I can detect flaws in his swing mechanics that leads to “bat drag,” being late on pitches, lack of plate coverage and also the lack of power to the opposite field.
> Jack Mankin

Jack. Thanks for the response as I had the opportunity to review Mike's post.

Is it possible that you might produce a picture of A-rod during a slump from the side view. It is my opinion that a side view would add to the discussion as we might benefit from how he takes his bat back and initiates his swing? Thanks if you can assist.


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