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Re: Re: Re: hitting only grounders

Posted by: () on Tue Jul 11 13:15:08 2000

Thanks for the help, my son does throw right and bat left , what should he do in this situation .

Sounds to me like it could be either rolling the hands or Pulling his shoulders thru too early. But with either one usually you do not hit the ball very hard. Try getting your son to swing in slow motion and stopping him right after and right before he would make contact and see if you pick up anything, with the hands or shoulders. Also double check to assure he is not pulling his head off the ball at the last second. This can also cause you to get on top of the ball.
Pulling outside pitches, making contact when bat is in downward motion usually result in high hoppers and or not alot of speed on the ball. And I have no Idea what the Fence drill has to do with this..Good luck


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