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Re: Re: switch hitting

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Thu Jan 17 18:08:42 2008

> I am trying to learn to bat left handed and I just can't seem to get the power needed. I know it is there, but I can't tap into it. I try to connect but my right hand, being dominent, always slows me down and disrupts my aim. Can anyone help me or give me tips on how to develop this?
> Brian


First, I would ask why do you want to be a switch hitter? If You can learn to hit a lefty or righty equaly well, then there is no need to be a switch hitter. Personally I wouldn't switch hit. Work on getting better at the side you normally hit from. Use the time you put in on the other side, put it into your normal side.



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