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lost power

Posted by: ron (mmbr37AOL.COM) on Tue Jul 11 18:36:23 2000

The last 4 seasons my son has led his summer league team in batting average and extra base hits, this year he has lost his power , he is only hitting .270 with no power, he is 15 and about the same weight as last season but he is a couple of inches taller, he stopped eating meat about 6 months ago and i think that this is his problem, i dont think he has the strength that he has previously had, does this sound far fetched, i know his bat speed is not as much as it was the last two years,, does anyone think that this could be the reason for his lack of power,

  • Re: lost power The Black Hole Lexicographer [ Wed Jul 12 00:00:28 2000 ]

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