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Re: Re: Look at my swing

Posted by: Matt (mail@bytesizesound.com) on Tue Jul 1 12:28:53 2003

Thanks for looking, Sandman. I see what you mean about the
swing planes; I didn't realize there was such a difference,
although I think I might look like I'm suddenly "swinging for the
fences" as I work on that.

One thing in my 'defense'- the particular pitch in this case was a
bad curveball, probably 55 MPH; I pulled it right at the third
baseman. This in a league where the better pitchers throw
mid-80's also. I might have made contact too far forward in this
case, but I'm pretty sure that's not a constant for me. I wouldn't
say I was fooled by the pitch-- he was throwing this way all
game-- but I did pull it quite a bit.

But thanks for your suggestions. Know of anything to make it
less "strictly a back-side swing"?



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