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Re: Slowpitch softball

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Jul 2 14:05:52 2003

Hi All

Anthony e-mailed me with the same basic question. Below is my reply

>>> comments: Your website mentions your theory for fastpitch and baseball swings. Does your products benefit those that play slowpitch softball only? If so I would be interested in ordering a video. If not could you recommend an instructional video that would help increase power and consistency for slowpitch softball?
Thanks Anthony <<<

Hi Anthony

Yes, the principles used to generate bat speed work in slowpitch as well as for baseball and fastpitch. A few years ago, I watched a game between a select group of slowpitch and Major League baseball players on ESPN. The slowpitch players were kicking the baseball players’ butts 21 to 5. After taping some of the game, I noted that more slowpitch hitters were using rotational mechanics than were the Major League hitters. Only Griffey Jr. and a couple of other baseball hitters had as good rotational mechanics as most of the top slowpitch hitters had. --- Those are the mechanics taught in the DVD/Video.

Best regards,

Jack Mankin


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