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Re: Slowpitch softball

Posted by: THE HITTING GURU () on Wed Jul 2 15:09:22 2003

Question for Jack or anyone else out knowledgeable
> Does this style of swing (rotational theory) benefit those that play slowpitch softball or does conventional "transfer of weight and extension" swing work better for slowpitch.

The type of style that will benefit you most depends on what type of hitter you are. If you have a lot of power and can reach the fence on a regular basis the rotational theory will probably benefit you the most. This is so because some of your mishits will be homeruns. On the other hand if you do not have a lot of power the transfer of the weight method will probably benefit you more. In this case, some of your mishits can produce hard ground balls that can advance runners, and or make the defense have to react more. With ground balls the defender has to pick the ball up cleanly, make a good throw, and the first baseman has to catch the ball. Whereas, a flyball that does not leave the park is an almost certain out.


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