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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Weight Shift - Truism or Fallacy

Posted by: THG () on Sun Jan 20 14:16:41 2008

> >>> Who are the 2 hitters who are recognized for hitting the longest homeruns consistently who did not use steroids? Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth.
> What do they have in common relative to homerun hitting? Stances in which their feet were close together from which they used an extremely long stride from which to hit. <<<
> Hi THG
> You picked two of the games best hitters and they would support your theory. However, the record books of all MLB hitters would not. The length of stride of most MLB hitters has shortened since Mantle and Ruth’s time. Yet, the number of home runs being hit sharply rose.
> Jack Mankin

Hi Jack. I agree with you 100% and excuse me as I errored to a degree with regard to Ted Williams. Ted used a medium wide stance (most of his career).

You are correct in that the homeruns sharply rose since Ruth's time. And the reason why are the following.

1. because of more pitch variety, the hitter has to be more versatile. Hence the reactions have to be quicker. And the best way to be quick is a shorter stride.

2. nowadays the hitter is more likely to attempt to trick a batter when behind in a count. Thus to a degree it is harder for a hitter to sit on the fastball.

3. the hitters are better athletes overall and in better condition by not having to work at other professions as in Ruth's day in order to make ends meet.

It should be noted that Aaron 755, Mays 660, and Robinson 586, respectively also used a long stride. And though it is hard to prove the stride/stretch effect contributes to theories that can be quantified (by science), there is at least the likelihood that it allowed these hitters more productivity than other methods.

In addition, these were not particularly large men.


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