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Re: Re: Re: Re: Weight Shift - Truism Not Fallacy

Posted by: Teacherman () on Sun Jan 20 15:18:26 2008

Agree but disagree.

The momentum does not go to zero before weight shift.

The momentum becomes predominantly rotational before "go". Bonds and Williams are opening their hips from the time coil turns to uncoil....and that happens without pause.

This is no small issue. In fact....watch your mlb clips. Notice the hitters "private parts" can be seen by the pitcher....before "go". The lead leg clears, the hips open, the stretch is created....that is the lower body running start.

The final weight shift is at "go". It is "helped" by the momentum gained prior to "go". It occurs at the same time as lateral tilt and forearm rotation.

Remember, the axis is the ball and socket joint of the rear hip. Load and maintain the load in that joint as you lift the stride foot and carry forward.....then at "go".....push with the rear foot, rotate the hips, lateral tilt the shoulders, rotate the forearms, send the barrel rearward.

Your barrel will cusp.



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