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Re: Re: Re: Bat speed

Posted by: Bart () on Wed Jul 2 20:01:08 2003

Another way of looking at what Jack is saying is that the batter has approximately one-tenth of a second to accelerate the bat to top speed. Any attempt to "crack the whip" and lead with the handle will give the hitter less time to reach a high bat speed. Therefore the batter will ulimately end up with a slower swing.
> >
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> > What about just crack the whip and not lead with the handle????
> > >
> > > "Crack the whip is bottom hand torque."

Whoever said that "Crack the whip is bottom hand torque" doesn't understand what bottom hand torque (to Jack)is. Jack thinks BHT is rotating bottom wrist/hand in the OPPOSITE direction than the direction you would be rotating it if you were "cracking the whip".

Having said that, I agree with Teacherman that cracking the whip and not leading with the handle is a good swing thought. What you would call it, I don't know. It's not BHT (opposite of what Jack calls BHT), and moreover, Jack doesn't believe in the "crack the whip " theory.

Whatever, it's a good swing thought, even though technically the crack the whip theory applies to a whip which is not rigid like a bat is.


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