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Re: Re: Re: Odd- Kid drives to Right/Can't pull

Posted by: stock (batman48@hit400.com) on Thu Jul 3 19:55:46 2003

I have an odd senario I wanted some of you guys to consider. A kid I work with is driving the ball regularly with an authority to the opposite field you don't normally see in a kid. Usually if a kid is going to right its because he's late. He is not late when hitting to right, he is right on the ball. He does this so well I don't want to disturb this part of his swing, but at the same time something he's doing is not allowing him to use the left side of the field.
> > >
> > > However he is completely unable to hit the ball even to the left of 2b. Any time he tries to pull he usually hits a dribbler. Even moderately inside pitches he'll "inside - out" to the opposite field (rh batter) well.
> > >
> > > Any ideas?
> > >
> > > Mike
> > >
> > > "Usually if a kid is going to right its because he's late."....this is a myth. Having said that, does he throw right handed also, or is he by any chance a natural left hander?
> Wade Boggs hit many balls the other way and up the middle and had a decent career in my book.I hit this way growing up also before learning to change.It was by design with perfect timing,the hands just leads the barrel through the zone slightly, not as much back shoulder drive to get the top hand through the zone.

"I hit this way growing up before learning to change." That is the way I've always hit until last year and am strugling big time(going into Junior HS year). How is the best way to change?


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