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Re: Hitting

Posted by: THE HITTING GURU () on Sat Jul 5 19:27:03 2003

I just found your web site, I like the feel concept. Do you have a feel concept for hitters taking the handle to the ball which causes the barrel to drag behind and arm bar.
> Do you have a swing thought for getting started with a load so one can create seperation between the stride and the swing. I have tried load with the stride foot, load with hands up in and back but have yet to come up with anything consistent. I am a firm believer that minimal movement creates consistency.

Minimal movement is helpful because you have less things to concern yourself with while trying to make contact. Many major leaguers have some type of backward movement with their front foot as a load trigger type mechanism. (Sosa, A-Rod) Some of them also used a downward hitch with their body. (Don Mattingly) If you are willing to look at video, get teaching of the mechanics of the major league swing II by Tom Emanski. If you get a chance the batting cage can be helpful in training your mechanics. Try hitting to the opposite field first and work your way around to pulling the ball. Start with a heavier bat first and move to a lighter one halfway through. This should help your batspeed improve as well.


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