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Re: What is the Best advice?

Posted by: coach joed () on Sun Jul 6 11:15:27 2003

What is the best thing I can do to help my boys become better hitters/fielders? My first priority is making sure they are having fun, but I have found out that they have "more" fun if they are playing well...imagine that?!
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> > I have more time than money, so "buying" alot of "stuff" isn't an option. So, in layman's terms guys, what are the best things to do???
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> > Thanks>
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> "I have found out that they have "more" fun if they are playing well...imagine that?!"
> How refreshing to hear someone else make this statement in this age of political correctness. Bravo.
> Having taught many LL age kids (7-12) to hit I would suggest the following:
> 1. Read this site to learn the proper swing mechanics.
> 2. IF you can afford it buy the Batspeed tape.
> 3. Buy a product called Hit Away $29.95. The kids will have hours of fun with it. It can be used indoor or out, portable, well made, easy to setup and use. I do not agree with the hitting instruction video that comes with it but that is another subject. With the proper instruction and practice it will improve their hitting immensely.
> 4. Tape some of the MLB hitters off ESPN nightly sportscenter highlights hitting homeruns from different angles. Review the tape over and over in slow motion. After a while #1 and #4 will make sense.
> 5. Buy a heavy bag. (Punching bag) Great for learning, teaching and you can view the drills on the Batspeed tape.
> I would defintely do #1,#4 then buy #3. #2 if you can afford it. If not contact the folks at Batspeed they are good people. I am sure they will work something out for a Mom? or parent with limited funds.
> Either way #2,#3 and #5 can be had for $110.

I agree, the info provided on this site and the tape/dvd are great for teaching hitting [I find it simplified what to teach]. I recently bought a hit-a-way and I always have a line of kids waiting to use it when I set it up. Lastly I would recommend a book titled "Coaching YOuth Baseball" [can be found at www.asep.com which has lots of other good coaching books]. The thing I like about that books it simplifies the technigue you are teaching and there is a chapter on "games approach to coaching" which is a very fun way to teach baseball.

coach joed


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