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Posted by: Mister X () on Sun Jul 6 19:56:00 2003

Take two bats equal length and weight. Cork one of the two bats. Take a baseball or softball and take 30 swings with each bat. The batter will throw the ball up and hit it towards the outfielder like in fielding practice. Only the good long hits will count in this test. Whichever bat hits the furthest should prove our point of if the corked bat makes a difference. It helps to note that balls hit in the air off the sweet spot will carry the furthest.

I still contend that if the batter knows which bat they are using, then the results are "tainted". The batter's confidence level directly effects their results. That's a given. And if the batter's confidence level is effected in any way by using a corked or uncorked bat, the results will reflect that whether one bat is better or not.

There's an old saying: "You get what you look for." If you're looking for the corked bat to help, you'll see that in your results. If you looking for the corked bat to hinder, you'll see that in your results.


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