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Re: Re: Jack promised

Posted by: Sandman () on Mon Jul 7 07:47:48 2003


Funny you should mention this: "...like a ball on the end of a rope...". I've been watching my son's swing on video (he'll be 9 the end of this month) and, though he seems to be getting his body rotating well, I still feel like his hands/arms are controlling the swing a bit too much (linearly). I was actually contemplating putting a tennis ball on a rope to give him this feeling. I had completely forgotten that I'd read/seen you recommend the garden hose before! I'm gonna march right home tonight and cut some hose! :)

BTW, if I wanted to make a "steering wheel 'bat'" like in your video, do you have any size recommendations for the various parts, as well as advice on how to assemble (screws?)?



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