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Re: Re: Unfinished Business (Jack Mankin)

Posted by: Jude (wayout1@columbus.rr.com) on Wed Jan 23 01:16:01 2008

Hi again J.M.

Thanks for your response. I never meant for there to be a to be a time limit to your response. I thought my posting was so far down on RISE IN MLB BATTING STATS that it might have escaped your attention. Thinking that might be the case I didn't want to deprive this site of any input that you might have. I also was very curious to see if your information might coincide with my opinion, or any opinions put forth by anyone else who (should have) felt free to state their opinion on this matter on this site.

When someone, who some think is the greatest hitter of all time, does something different halfway through his swing( a comparatively extreme slanted downward bag drag) that no other major leaguer does, I think that it is worthy of attention. Is it one of the contributing factors to his greatness? Did it contribute to the sinking line drives that he was reputed to have hit? Did it get him on his bat plane earlier than other players on theirs? These are only a few of the questions that might be asked, even though ultimately there may never be any definitive answers. But that is true with any number of issues on this site and other baseball sites.


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