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Re: Re: hitting instructor

Posted by: reds () on Mon Jul 7 18:49:09 2003

I was told to study this site by a guy who teaches hitting to my son,I am new to it so I plan to wade through the ideas for awhile.rql has exposed us however through video analysis to a whole new outlook at hitting.which he says was originated to him here on this site.It seems more difficult with the use of more and larger muscle groups than focusing on the hands but we have seen many great M.L. hitters all using these same swings,do others agree to building a swing from hitting a tire on a tree with different weighted bats 100s of times a day as a way of reprogramming and building batspeed.
> >>>Mr Mankin,rql also told us that hitting the tire gives us a freeze frame look at contact of the body ,and maximum batspeed should be achieved by contact not after,We are on a program with him I would like to get input if possible,my son is 13,3 times a week we take 150-175 swings at a tire with different weighted bats working on different locations and form.we then go to a 2 tee drill 1 outside 1 inside/with outside tee lower and a ball on each,durint the load he says in or out and we adjust to hit that pitch,30-40 swings.He also uses a speed meter he got from you during tire drills.other 3 days we take the same tee drill,then we do straight toss in and out each 30 reps.then we hit on machine 80-100 swings fast ball and curve and work on situational hitting here,last he or I throw live from 45 feet learning to see ball out of hand and timing.We also take about 15 pitches and just track it with our eyes before we swing on the live pitching.He says this well bring out the best in my son whatever ability and potential he has,it is just a matter of staying with the dedication this program requires.Is there anything else we should be doing or something we should not be in your opinion.

reds, I like some of your drills, but how many swings does your son take during live BP? At 13 years of age, he is taking a lot of swings and fatigue can set in. When it does, he will not get much out of any drill, and may change his mechanics as he gets tired. My son is much older than yours, but we work with straight on toss to get loose and then go straight to live BP which I film about every 3rd session. We work on the same things every session of live BP. Opposite field line drives, up the middle line drives and pull field high line drives. We make a game of it and see how many he hits well before a pop up or ground ball. The most swings he usually takes is about 100, counting the straight toss. I like for him to finish on a good note, so when we get to around 100, as soon as he smokes two in a row, we shut it down.



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