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Re: slicing the ball - help!

Posted by: bill (baseball123bill@yahoo.com) on Wed Jan 23 07:19:35 2008

this is very simple and i see it alot with the young kids that i help. when your front shoulder pulls out to early it creates barrell lag and leaves the bat behind you too far. so if the ball gets deep you will pop it up to the right side, if you are early it will be a ground ball or hooking line drive to the left side. basically what happens is he swings the bat with his shoulders, and not with the hands which you are suppose to swing with. now, when you are soft tossing or pitching to him, everything is going to be slower and much more consistant than in the game so he is able to time it very easily. this swing with cause alot of inconsistantcy because the bat is not going through the hitting zone long enough.

Now, for what needs to happen. the hands must lead the bat to the ball, this lets you stay inside the ball, at the same time you must work down to the ball, to create distance you need to backspin the baseball. the lift will come out in front of the swing,(getting your hands through the ball) when the front shoulder pulls out early you cant get the extension out front that you need. you should feel like you are pointing the cap of your bat at the pitcher during your extension( this is assuming that you driving the ball back up the middle of the field which is ideal)

torqe will create the bat speed and power, so when the front hip starts to open the shoulders have to stay closed, if they both open there is no torqe or power and there is a lot of miss hit baseballs. (keeping the hands back) any more questions or need more explanation email me at baseball123bill@yahoo.com


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