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Re: Re: the load,long/short

Posted by: rql () on Tue Jul 8 20:13:48 2003

we have talked about the pros and cons of linear/rotationaland how one is longer than the other bat traveling further,and shortening up with 2 strikes.As I have plowed through hitting the last few years it seems to me that what is long in the rotational swing seems to be the load and the follow thru,since follow thru is irrelevant [after contact]that leaves load,and part of the load is while ball is in flight.If we do not time this properly when you are fully loading you can be late unable to catch up and blamed on rotational swing itself but IMOthe cause is in preswing loading and timing.I am working on a 2 strike adjustment to shorten the load process to help prevent getting caught loading when should be swinging and allow more time to focus on not being beat by off speed,all the while keeping the same basic mechanic of the swing which in itself can be quicker and shorter.I am looking for other views to help in my search.
> rql-
> Hope you are doing well.A couple of Epstein points for your consideration my comments/questions in [] :
> 1-overview: "technique is universal......the core movements are.....1-hips lead hands,2-matching the plane of the swing to the plane of the pitch and 3- staying inside the ball.There is a fourth,starting on time,but,in my opinion,this is not technique."
> 2-plan: "in 2 strike situations.........the hitter has to prepare himself for every speed pitch in the pitcher's arsenal that day.........The best way to do this is prepare for the "in-between" velocities....as a result the hitter gives himself a chance to catch up to the faster speed pitch yet still be able to stay back and put the off speed pitch into play."
> 3--mechanical adjustment to "gain time": "get closer to the plate and open up the stance [rotate stance open] and utilize a [rotational] inside-out swing....you can only accomplish a proper inside-out swing by doing two things: 1)keeping your hands inside the ball,and 2)using good lower body rotational mechanics,whereby the hands have the ability to wrap around the rotating body [?bht/handpath hook?] as your arms extend [? "L" comes out of back elbow ?] toward the pitcher."
> see chapters 1 and 8 of his book.
> [ ?This means more of a be ready in/adjust out approach where you hook the handpath for the inside,or stay circular/load longer with bigger swing radius/even disconnect on approach for outside/offspeed? ]
>>Hi Tom I have seen Jeter do exactly this type of inside out rotational style and texas league it over 1st or 2nd consistently.


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