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Re: Re: Bonds/front elbow/short swing

Posted by: Doug () on Wed Jul 9 05:12:18 2003

ive read, heard and have even used the theory that when swinging, keep the front elbow as close to the rib cage as possible for more power. this is a very short swing which is for batspeed and two great hitters that keep their front elbow close to their ribs are Barry Bonds and Ted Williams. the problem is that if you focus to much on the front elbow you might get a bad habit of pulling your shoulder out. what are some drills or things to do in warmup swings to focus on keeping my front elbow close to my ribs but with out pulling my shoulder out?
> I hit "post it" before I was done. Another thing to consider is if your lead elbow is by the ribs it is awful low and will cause early roll over. The elbow must work up to maintain connection and prevent early roll over.

Jeff, You must mean the rear elbow. The front elbow does not stay close to the ribs during a swing by Bonds or Williams or any other great hitter. All you will get is a cutoff, rollover swing that won't produce anything.



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