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BUT, Sheffield is a Perfect Example of Jack's Swing Style

Posted by: Tom () on Thu Jul 13 22:11:08 2000

Amazingly, your post thought it would be a good idea to remove what Jack describes as top hand torque that Sheffield obviously uses to develop his tremendous power and batspeed, and apply a different mechanic. By the way, Sheffield is one of the best hitters in the league because he uses batting mechanics that allow him to generate awesome batspeed early and throughtout the baseball swing, not because he is simply an good athlete.

Bonds and Griffey also have "cock in swing" and apply top hand torque and of course are pretty decent hitters as well.

If you want to see hitters who come "down on the ball" real good, well don't watch the All-star game because they won't be there; but maybe other sites that I have checked out like setpro and hitting for excellance can teach you how to come "down on the ball."

Or if you like watching the All-star and discovering what the power hitters are doing, then maybe you would enjoy Jack's materials and video.

I have your instructional video to thank for my new found knowledge. Before watching I could never begin to understand the swing like I do now. You have made watching baseball a lot of fun again. Thanks Jack.


PS Jack, I think Sheffield is the easiest player to spot using the mechanics that you describe on this site and on the instructional video (ie rotational mechanics, circular hand path and torque). Am I right or is there a better player?


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