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Re: Re: Re: Re: hitting instructor

Posted by: rql () on Wed Jul 9 14:34:36 2003

Excellent material Jack, thank you.
> My only knowledge of a tire drill was what my friend explained to me and he was taught to specifically "spin the tire", which of course required some follow-through. I have no idea if his swing is linear or rotational, as I've never played ball w/ him.
> I'll need to reread this a few times to let it sink it, but thank you.
> BTW, if it's too cumbersome to move a heavy bag to/from a field, what could be substituted to concentrate on depleting all energy at contact?
> Sandman

>>the tire drill that reds is talking about is very similar to the heavy bag we mount a tire on a tree or wood light pole at the right swing height off the ground it is bolted on with lags so it sits just like it would on a car but off the ground a little.Treat it like a tee drill but you move around for inside or outside location because tire is stationary.We try to be at maximum speed by contact,if you hold the position you can see the mechanics at contact.


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