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Re: wrists

Posted by: THE HITTING GURU () on Thu Jul 10 18:11:59 2003

Does anyone think the wrists play an important role during the swing? I was taking bp and first I was just trying to just swing with shoulders- i wasnt doing so well. However, once i tried to get the bat around with my wrists, i started to hit the ball harder and further than before. Does anyone know why?

(See Charlie Lau's Video The Art of Hitting .300) The wrist are very important because the wrist apply the swing velocity. But they must be used with the entire body to produce a strong fluid swing. Everyone is not the same, nor does everyone use the same style. Most professionals probably use a style that gives them their best chance of making hard contact. Otherwise most players would simply copy Barry Bonds style. Have you noticed that just about every hitter has a different style regardless of if his style works or does not work? When you were not using your wrists you probably were not getting through the strike zone. (extension)


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