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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Axis Tilt & Shoulder Rotation

Posted by: LRS () on Thu Jan 24 15:33:23 2008

> Jack -
> I would say that the torso is rotated by the hips.
> The shoulders are considered as primarily the scaps.
> The scaps influence the twist of the torso and the setting of the spine angle that the torso
> rotates on.
> The scaps do this by tilting/resisting the torso turned by hips and then locking onto the
> torso when it untwists.
> This is part of minimizing the arms as a lever/link in the chain.
> Arms are for supporting handle torque and working between forearms and shoulders and
> retaining string tension/chp and for triggering synch of lower body leg acion which sets
> limits within which hips can turn.
> TO have a short quick swing, it is like the flywheel is the torso and the lead arm connects
> to it so when the torso rotates/unloads, the point of connection is the front elbow.
> This then uses handle torque and chp for transfer from the rotating torso.
> The handle torques without unhunging the wrists early.
> The CHP must be retained at the lead elbow level.
> Handle torque is applied as you start the "rotate the heel/rotate the bathead", BUT the first
> part of this "running start" (creation of coil/x-factor) is preparing for the last/controllable
> bit of torso coil/load/twist during the "drop and tilt" at which point the shoulders/scaps
> are tilting and the hips moving in a way that creates the stretch and fire of the bathead
> with the right timing/direction of unloading and the right orientation of the connected
> lead elbow.
> Lead elbow is locked with scaps as they lock on to torso after tilt.
> So it is like you are throwing the bathead by torquing the handle while the lead elbow is
> the point of conection for transfer demanded by how handle is torqued.
> Now it might sound like making a distinction between torso (ribs/sternum/clavicles vs
> shoulder (scaps) rotation is arbitrary, BUT from a "feel" point of view, if you try to rotate
> the shoulders actively, you force drag and involvement of the arms in the chain becasue
> trying to turn the shoulders OR "everything together" results in forcing the arms to turn in
> response to the scaps which prevents early batspeed and late adjustment.
> The cues tend to work the same way in golf where EITHER shoulders can turn OR hips can
> turn torso in 1 vs 2 plane swing patterns.
> In mlb, you have to turn the HIPS while the handle is torqued primarily by forearm action
> with the scaps/shoulders controlled by feel in hands so that the shoulders/scaps are
> resisting which is therefore "BYPASSING" the scaps as factors in trying to actively turn the
> arms.
> When the bathead launches/torso unloads (x-factor/stretch reverses) its more like the
> lead elbow is attached sticking off the torso, bypassing the shoulders. The the lead elbow
> has to retain at least a CHP to the center of torso rotation (somewhere between spine and
> lead shoulder). << << <Tom, <It is possible your words are CONNECTING to a large number of us and probable the hard workers will GET the high level swing......I am certain we are GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!LRS


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