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Re: Catching Drills

Posted by: rql () on Thu Jul 10 18:27:17 2003

Are there any drills a catcher can do to improve thier skills? thank you
BBjack,this is not a catchers site but I am a catching instructor so I well pass a little along to you.3 main physical skills are catch it ,block it,throw to bags.We focus on these then we nail down a dozen other minor priorities.to catch it I get 15 feet in front of them and throw underhand hard on 1 knee to inside outside locations.make sure they turn their wrist on the ball at the right knee with the elbow outside the left knee so it doesnt get hung up as the fb comes right at the knee and they can keep it as a strike.then back up and throw harder and finally I use a machine juiced all the way up from 60 feet and have them work a little closer as they can,3 foot intervals.It may take a while for them to get adjusted[week].Then their pitchers well look slow and they make better decisions .I well have more later.


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