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Re: hitting the ball to right field

Posted by: dougdinger () on Sun Jul 13 18:29:44 2003

im going be a senior this year in highschool. i have problemes hitting the ball to right. i hit alot homeruns to left and center, but balls on the outer half i ground to short or pop up to the infield. are there any drills for me to improve,also i wanna get bigger, stronger, and faster. Are their any weight lifting and training programs out there. thanks

I just finished High School. I've been a decent hitter to all fields. I've been hitting off the Tee alot before. That helped a lot. Just put the tee on the outside part of the plate and swing. Experiment with different outside locations to see where you hit best. Some hit the outside pitch out in front. Some, like me, wait a split second longer when its closer to the catchers mitt.
I'm skinny. Like you I'm trying to get bigger and stronger. I have a book called Complete Conditiong for Baseball that's been helpful so far. I heard of another one called 52-week Baseball Training, or something along that line. Another key thing to get bigger is to eat, eat, eat.
Hope that helps.


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