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Jack's hose drill for swing arc

Posted by: Matt (mail@bytesizesound.com) on Mon Jul 14 11:25:41 2003

Hi. Somewhere on this site-- I can't find where
right now-- I believe Jack suggested swinging
a length of garden hose to get the feel for
swinging the bat through a proper arc instead
of a straight line. He said it removed hand
torque from the equation-- which should be
added after establishing a good swing arc,
since that's much more important-- and that if
you were swinging in a straight line, the hose
would flop at the wrists instead of retaining
straightness through the course of the swing,
like a proper arc should.

Anyway, I've tried it, and reached one odd
conclusion- I seem to want to hold the bat at a
different angle than before, with the end
pointed more toward the pitcher than toward
the sky behind me. That seems to enable me
to swing in more of an arc. Does that sound


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