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Re: Little League Pitching

Posted by: The Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Fri Jul 14 22:11:38 2000

What is the distance between the mound and plate in little league?
> What is the range of speeds between the faster little league pitchers and the slower ones. What is the speed of the average ones?

Dear Joe,
I believe that that pitching distance is 45 feet, but that is only on recollection. Nevertheless, this figure does make sense; if one figures little scale has scales down their base paths to 60 feet, reducing its size by approximately 1.5, it also makes sense that their pitching distance would be reduced by the same amount (60/1.5), which yields a figure of 40 feet.

Therefore, my guess would place the pitching distance at 40-45 feet on a diagonal from home plate.

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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