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Re: hitting behind the runner

Posted by: Coach Pack (fastpitchinstructors@comcast.net) on Wed Jul 16 20:01:14 2003

I'm sure most have heard "hit it where it's pitched". Meaning pull the inside pitch and spray the outside pitch.
> But when there's a runner on first or second, the situation calls for you to hit the bal to the right side of the field to get the runner over to 3rd base. When I hit RH I can inside-out and inside pitch. But when I hit LH, I can't pull that outside pitch, especially on the corner of home plate. And advice here? Should I just stride more toward 3rd base and just go get that ball?

You stated when you hit "right handed",maybe when there are runners on 1 or 2 you should bat right. If the count allows it wait for another pitch when your are batting left. I do not think you will pull an outside pitch to the right side.

Coach Pack


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