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Re: hitting behind the runner

Posted by: RQL () on Thu Jul 17 06:31:52 2003

I'm sure most have heard "hit it where it's pitched". Meaning pull the inside pitch and spray the outside pitch.
> But when there's a runner on first or second, the situation calls for you to hit the bal to the right side of the field to get the runner over to 3rd base. When I hit RH I can inside-out and inside pitch. But when I hit LH, I can't pull that outside pitch, especially on the corner of home plate. And advice here? Should I just stride more toward 3rd base and just go get that ba

>>I teach my hitters that are RH to back off the plate allowing more balls away from you especially the inside pitch is easier to handle and the OS pitch is still away to go with it.Now lefty pull is the opposite,I move up on the plate so I can pull the OS pitch and think getting the barrel out,inside pitch you have to be tight rotation and hook the handpath


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