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Re: Re: Weight Distribution

Posted by: bart () on Thu Jul 17 07:38:19 2003

An area relating to hitting that has always interested me is body weight distribution before and after a hitter has loaded and at ball contact. Starting with a 50%-50% distribution I like a 60%-40% (back-front legs)after loading. Just how important is it to achieve specific weight distributions at critical points during the execution of a rotational swing? I would appreciate your thoughts.
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> > jfo
> > Hey jfo,
> I'd say that you should try and keep it 50-50 until the bottom hand hooks and then lean back ever so slightly. the hook and the lean will will produce additional mph to your batspeed.with the lean you should feel the weight shift to the back thigh. that is the only time the weight should shift. you want that rotation to be as steady as possible. any wobble and your batspeed slows. if i were you i wouldnt worry about the %... i'd concentrate on the hook at contact. that is what helps rocket the ball off the bat!!! take care, Rich

rich, if i understand the meaning of bottom hand hook correctly, the bottom hand is hooking well after the half way point (maybe near the end?)of the swing....and if this is the case, are you suggesting that the weight distibution is 50-50 well into the swing?


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