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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Axis Tilt & Shoulder Rotation

Posted by: Teacherman () on Sat Jan 26 14:17:15 2008


You really don't need to turn to dishonesty.....do you?

I have made it abundantly clear that the Second Engine is "similar to" YOUR THT but different in that it is not simply the fingers pulling rearward "like an archer pulling on a bow string", which sends the barrel into a rearward arc, which is then completed with the lead arm's pull resulting from the turning of the shoulders around the spine.

The Second Engine is a completely separate engine.....separate and distinct from the hips.....which aggressively swings the barrel...it aggressively sends the barrel rearward as the hips work forward....at the same time.....and then they join to create the cusp....the whip of the barrel through contact.

You know...that whip that you said for years didn't exist.

The difference remains...that you depend on the rotating shoulders to "finish" your swing. Which can only mean one thing.....a long swing whose radius of rotation is the length of the arms. That does not offer the efficiency that a high level swinger needs.

MLB hitters have a very short swing radius. It is about the hands. They have learned to work the barrel rearward through forearm rotation, as the hips open, creating separation, resulting in the cusp when both engines "join".

It is not possible for a shoulder rotation swing to cusp. Which leaves you with what you and others teach.....brute strength rotation. A rotational push. That lacks suddenness and adjustability. The bat will drag in a shoulder rotational swing. It has to. There is disconnection at the wrist.

To not use the very attachment of the body to the lever is simply ridiculous.


This clip clearly shows the lateral tilt of the shoulders while the hips are rotating. This is a HUGE deal. It removes slack between the upper and lower body and leads to the cusp.


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