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Re: HELP My son can't hit during game

Posted by: Miramo (mmarasco@cinci.rr.com) on Fri Jul 18 17:55:15 2003

Storm how did he manage to become an all star if he can't hit in a game?

If he truly is having trouble and not just temporarily slumping in games, and his mechanics are in fact sound and he is drilling the ball in the cage and from you and he is not nervous then the only likely problem is he is not picking up the ball coming out of the pitchers hand. Have him stand behind the backstop early in the game and watch the pitcher warm up 2 or 3 pitches. Simply stopping his eye/mind from wandering and giving himself a pickup point will likely solve the problem. Some hitters like to simply focus on the pitchers hat logo (ala tony gwynnn) and some will simply estimate where the arm slot will be. Either way if this truly is a problem and not just something to let be and let pass, just get him going to the plate focused on picking up the ball out of pitchers hand as easily and quickly as possible. If he really is a sound hitter his training will take over from there.


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