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Re: I am desperdate for help

Posted by: Jeff Tisdale (contactspec@aol.com) on Sat Jul 19 07:28:27 2003

I always used to hit the ball the opposite way or right up the middle and never pulled. I was never a power hitter. But then I learned to pull. I started hitting a lot of homers. That was my best year. Then last year I struggled A LOT and am still struggling this year. Last year i seemed to just ground out to second every time I got up. This I am popping out a lot. I went golfing in between my best year and last year (when i started struggling). Could that be a problem? If you have any advice please share it. I am desperate.

You have appropriately diagnosed your problem. Golf swing is all about extending the arms at the point of contact. Baseball swing is all about extending the arms after point of contact.

Hope this helps.


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