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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Timing

Posted by: Doug () on Sat Jul 19 17:14:42 2003

> If your definition of timing is "...a feel you get from swinging the bat in practice and games.", then it can be "...a hand hitch, knee cock or a few other things."
> But, if your definition of timing is more along the lines of adjustment to the pitch (fastball vs. change), then I respectfully disagree. A hand hitch or knee cock, or even toe lift-off and toe (actually: ball of foot) landing of stride may occur at different times for different batters, BUT, occur at the same time for each individual batter. To clarify - toe lift-off of stride for Tino Martinez occurs much earlier than Bonds, but it occurs at the same time every time for Martinez. Likewise, Bonds.
> Pitch adjustment occurs after the ball of the foot lands when striding.
> ray porco

ray, I agree. They both have good timing and that is why they have had long and successful careers.



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