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Re: Hey what is this

Posted by: THe Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sun Jul 16 05:53:11 2000

Please post/repost any info, its sounds like a good idea!
> Thanks
> Trev
In regards to your question, you might want to check out the video section of this website, and order the Final Arc. Nevertheless, you should understand that any and all comments on this post should be accredited to Jack Mankin, and I am more or less paraphrasing.

To understand top hand torque, you first must understand bottom hand torue. 'In bottom hand torque, you keep the top hand back, and use the bottom hand and shoulder to pull the bathead around the top hand. Rotation causes the top hand to come forward.'

'In the first instant, the body is has taken a full gyration, which is necessary for hitting inside pitches. Top hand torque, on the other hand, is primarily geared for hitting outside pitches with authority. In the second instance, the body will rotate less, but by initiating you swing by pulling back with your top hand before the pitch, you set yourself up in such a position where the bottom hand can be kept back, and the top hand and shoulder can pull the bathead around the bottomhand. This causes a wider swing, but one need not worry about getting jammed on an outside pitch.'

However, I am simply paraphrasing; the video describes what I just said in pituresque illustration. I am sure Mankin will address your question shortly. (Everything described, you should note, are more or less based on Jack's words).

The Black Hole Lexicographer
Knight 1285@aol.com


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