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Re: Linear in the pros

Posted by: Donny Buster (donnybstr@aol.com) on Mon Jul 21 04:49:09 2003

Lornzo, I had no problem understanding your question . I have watched Sheffield closely for a while. HE has great numbers but not such a great swing. He steps in the bucket every pitch and he land his front foot hard and on the heel or flat . His hands ,although wiggling, ususally end up centered behind his head as he slaps that front foot down toward third. He does create great torque with his hips so open and his shoulders still closed. He does have some ability to still hit it up the middle and adjust to different location . I would characterize him as a great physical specimen, a family baseball history,a fierce competitor, with a very flawed swing. His performance or lack thereof in the last Homerun Derby was predictatble given his mechanics. Some people can compensate their bad swing with many other traits that make them a winner. Think how good he would be if someone taught him how to hit.


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