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Re: Re: Dominant Hand

Posted by: Teacherman () on Mon Jul 21 07:47:25 2003

If your bat is cocked or centered at toe touch as it should be then the top hand is weak in this position. I believe that some people do things so well that it is unconsciece. I believe Ted Williams bottom hand loaded and unloaded with the shoulder perfectly and he probably didn't have to focus on it. His mental key was probably his top hand which I would not teach. I say Gwynn is right based on video work done in this era. Some players say they key on hitting their top hand through the center of the ball. If that action can really happen then it occurs late in the sequence after the bottom hand has loaded back and lead into the zone. OR they might be getting rear elbow extension at impact.

Neither is dominant. They work together, as a unit, when they are connected to the rotation properly. The top hand does not push and the bottom hand does not pull, other than what the rotating torso causes them to do.

Exceptions are necessary as you make adjustments to pitch location and offspeed but on YOUR pitch, the one you look for 2-0 and 3-1 the connection must be maintained.


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