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Re: Ball posistion at contact

Posted by: 55 () on Tue Jul 22 13:46:40 2003

First of all make sure your hands are loose all the way through the swing.If you feel like you are "gripping" the bat loosen those hands.

The only pressure I feel to secure the bat is where the bottom of my hand rests against the knob.The knob is there for a reason... so we can loosen our grip without throwing the bat.

Second- concentrate on your arm muscles remaining loose through the entire swing.Feel as if your power is coming from your front shoulder as it turns.

Third- Feel as if your body is rotating around your head.Although your head does not remain still it needs to feel still without adding any rigidness to your swing.

I think there is too much thought that goes into the hands and other muscle groups that are closest to the bat.You have to "trust your swing" dont try to guide the bat with your hands or arms take plenty of bp- get your timing down- and just trust that your body will send your hands to the right place at the right time.

If you swing correctly your arms will transfer the power created by your body and your hands and wrists will do there part without you having to think about em.Think about it... if your wrists are loose how will you be able to stop them from "turning over" if you have maintained the "L position"that you spoke about.

If I understand you correctly the "L shape" is what I would call pulling the bat through the zone.If you have that concept down and are staying loose during the swing and are concentrating on hitting the ball in front of the plate (from middle of the plate to inside pitches)you are going to hit the ball well.I would not be concerned with how it is supposed to look.If you concentrate on staying loose your body will automatically migrate to a more true swing to provide real power.Then you will have your own look.


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