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Re: Re: Re: shoulder injury

Posted by: Willy Boy (lineman4@sbcglobal.net) on Tue Jan 29 09:47:33 2008

No problem now Ed, Thanks.
He doesn't pitch and that seems to be the key. He throws hard in practice and games. Long tosses and plays any position without aggrevation.
The treatment was basically "Stop pitching" He was allowed to continue play without interuption to tollerance. The doctor said he won't make it worse, it will just become sore. That was about 4 years ago and it only bothers him if he pitches too many times in a row (like 30). He's been playing 60 or so games a year without any problems.
Is your son's shoulder feeling better?

> So how is your son now? how much rest was required and what was the treatment....was it the usual RICE technique or what? I hope your son is fine now...!
> My son was diagnosed with loose legiments after suffering a sore shoulder repeatedly after pitching. At first I thought it must be unused muscles adapting to the strain. He was also 9 at this time.
> > It would get quite sore and I finally went to a sports medicine doctor. His problem was that pitching was dislocating his shoulder.
> >
> > To my point... As sore as his shoulder got, it never hurt him to swing a bat. He is doing fine now and normal play and practice does not cause him discomfort.
> >
> > Too many swings will create bad habits but probably not injury. When the kid is tired he will NOT learn anything good, only bad.
> >
> > >
> >
> > I recently went to a tryout that had my 7 year old son, swing at a tee for about 1/2 hour on and off untill it was his turn to bat. I have never made him swing so much in his life. I told him in the middle of the tryout to only swing when it was his turn and to forget all the warm up swings. He must have swung over 100 times before he had his turn to bat.
> > >
> > > After this, during gym class at school he was told to lay on a scooter and push himself with his arms around the gym in a race. Next thing you know his prognosis in the emergency room is "strain right shoulder" .
> > >
> > > He bats lefty and throws right. Is the right shoulder being over used if he swings 100 times and then practices throwing 100 times. Is it harmful-double work on the the right shoulder to throw right and bat lefty? What shoulder is being used more when batting as a lefty the right or left shoulder?


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