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Re: Hard grounder

Posted by: Donny Buster (donnybstr@aol) on Wed Jul 23 12:05:23 2003

Several things come to mind. Check alignment of feet. Feet right of target make the top hand come over too soon on inside pitches. Stand behind him as he bats. Start the feet at the throwing arm of the pitcher, not directly up the middle. Make sure they stay there until toe touch.
Fear of missing the ball makes kids lunge out a bit instead of letting it getting to the front edge of the plate. So have him stay back and let it come to him. Work on opposite field hitting more. Tony Gwynn said "if you are early, then the whole swing can break down"

There is a connection to wrist roll and hips not turning in front of the swing. Watch his lower body mechanics as well.

Fix it as you are able because it can progress until everything is in the third base box.


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