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Re: Re: Re: Dominant Hand

Posted by: dougdinger () on Wed Jul 23 19:13:00 2003

> >
> > Ted Williams vs. Tony Gwynn. One says top, one says bottom. If two professionals, with their experience and knowledge (of the swing - that is, and assuming they are not of "can do, but can't teach" variety) can't agree, then why does either hand have to be dominant. Why are there only two choices?
> >
> > ray porco
> ray;
> ted is a backleg hitter (rotator), tony is frontleg (weightshift), and they played hardball and not slopitch.

???? Where did Ray say Ted 'n' Tony played slowpitch?
And Ray, I wonder the same question as you."why does either hand have to be dominant"? Does it really matter? If one hand is more dominant than the other than shouldn't you just take your stance with the bat in that hand only? IMO Ted and Tony are both right. The top hand provides the power, the bottom hand provides the guidance.


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