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Re: Re: Re: Re: chopping/ slicing the ball

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Tue Jan 29 21:17:53 2008

> > Nate,
> >
> > Most of the time when a hitter is hitting to the opposite field he is dragging his bat through the zone. To translate, your bat drops back like a golf swing as soon as you start your swing causing your bat to be angled back at contact shooting the ball to left field. To see if this is your problem, place your left foot against a wall and try to swing. If your bat hits the wall then you are dragging your bat. To correct this, set up a tee and try to hit the ball off the tee while your still against the wall or net. The correct swing will feel like you're chopping wood or letting the bat fall straight down from your shoulder's into the contact zone.
> Plese do not do this drill it will cause so many bad habits that it will be very difficult to break. The fence drill has been a source of misinformation for years.
> coach1


When you say fence drill (enforcer drill) are you talking about the drill that Mike Epstein endorses?



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