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Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey hitting guru

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Jul 25 13:47:35 2003

I like your last paragraph and also feel that it is easier to stay inside the ball on an inside pitch (keeping the ball fair- even pitches in off the plate) if the hitter can keep both hands on the bat. The only thing is that this is easier for the pull hitter to accomplish because his strength is inside anyway. The lead arm extension benefits those who use the whole field the most.


I must differ with you on your last point. Extending the lead-hand to contact is one of the key differences in linear vs rotational mechanics. A good portion of a great hitter's bat speed is generated from an angular hand-path. The greater the angular displacement of the hands, the greater the bat speed (also depending on the arc radius of the path). The displacement rate is at its maximum at what we term “the hook” in the hand-path. This occurs as the lead-shoulder starts rotating back toward the catcher which causes the lead-hand to also be pulled back toward the catcher (as opposed to extending).

Extending the lead-hand toward contact results in conditions that are just the opposite of the “hook” effect. It not only negates the “hook” effect, it makes the total hand-path longer and straighter. THE HITTING GURU, do you know whether or not Charley Jr. advocates extending the lead-hand?

Jack Mankin


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