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Re: Re: Re: Re: chopping/ slicing the ball

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Wed Jan 30 13:18:52 2008

> I have done lots of filming. I was taught by Ernie Rosseau when I was little. I used to drop my bat back and causing my bat to drag through the zone which in turn caused me to hit everything to right even the inside pitch. Once I corrected this it felt like I was swinging down or chopping wood until contact. It's the direct path to the ball. Doesn't mean your bat is not going to point back but it's not going to be totally back like a golf club. That causes drag and to hit to right. Once this was corrected I was hitting line drives straight to the back of net as soon as I made the correction. So far it's gotten me one level under the pros. Sometimes I find myself going back to my old habits of bat drag so I stand by the net to see if the net prevents me from swinging.


As stated before you should watch video of the greatest hitters in the game. You probably dropped the bat back and then tried to pull it through the zone. This would cause your bat to drag. If you are applying tourque to the handle, as described on this site, and turning the bat around your hands you will not drag the bat through the zone.



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