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Re: Re: Re: bat weight/mechanics/exit speed

Posted by: Lar () on Mon Jul 17 12:12:34 2000

> i have noticed the same on my 13yr old club team.when kids who normaly hit weak to opposite field or weak ground balls increase bat weight they hit with more power and usually to pull field.doesnt this contradict bat speed theory?
> i have seen this only in bp because we wont let them use the heavy bats in games for fear they will not be able to get around on the fast ball and if they could they would have to start their swings earlier making them vunerable to off speed stuff.
> what weight and lenght bat would you recomend for 13yr old
> thanks bob
If you can still find a -8 32in That would be my choice for that age. They are going fast, -5 is the next step. My 11 year old swinging a 27oz -8 It's to big however, he has had success and is using more of his body to swing it as a connected unit. He does swing it a bit long for my taste.


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